World Oceans Day

Photo credit: Mick Valos

Less than 10% of the world’s oceans have been explored and infinite untold secrets lie hidden beneath their surface – they are the ‘final frontier’ of discovery on planet Earth. For 27 years, Aurora Expeditions has been a pioneer and world leader of expeditionary polar voyages. At the heart of their ethos lies a commitment to the precious environments in which they travel; always in small numbers and in the company of expert expeditioners who know, understand and respect the remote landscapes into which they venture. It has often been said that Antarctica is a humbling destination to experience, impressing upon its visitors the fragility and the power of the natural world. The force of nature is in full effect right before your eyes at the remote corners of the Earth; it is brutal, it is unforgiving, and it is awe-inspiring. Aurora Expeditions’ ambition is for each and every guest who joins them onboard one of their voyages to disembark feeling beguiled by the beauty of the natural world, more knowledgeable about its secrets and galvanized to serve as its ambassador. Guests are briefed on environmental guidelines by their team of experts and shown how to observe wildlife carefully to minimise impact while their small guide-to-passenger ratio only increases the opportunities for learning. Today, on World Oceans Day, we join their inspirational team in celebrating the life-force of our oceans and pledge a commitment to protect and preserve them.

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