At Cedar Tree, we’re proud to offer our clients all aspects of the marketing communications realm, including:

Corporate identity and brand strategy

Who you are and how your business is positioned is as important as your product offering. We’ll make sure it’s articulated accurately and consistently.

Reputation management

Your reputation is your most valuable asset…we understand how to build and protect it.

Media relations

We have established relationships with A-list media…and know how to develop new contacts. Clear, concise and targeted pitches are the key to success.

Media campaigns

From defining your target audience and developing core messages…our expertise includes designing creative and effective strategies.

Press releases

Quality, not quantity, is our promise…In a world where content in king, ours will get you the coverage you want.

Press trips

Cedar Tree crafts innovative experiences…which secure exclusive editorial credits in mainstream titles.

Events and Sponsorship

PR is not just about messaging to the media…but also influencing new business. At Cedar Tree, we can help you select charitable and worthwhile causes, and design innovative events with flawless execution.

Strategic partnerships

Working alongside complementary companies leads to editorial success…We creatively engage with key industry partners to generate the most from your allies to attract new business.

Competitor analysis

We’ll identify opportunities and threats…and assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to help inform your business.

Online strategy

Fully integrated digital and social media campaigns…mean you’ll broaden your reach and connect with more customers and influencers.

Crisis management

Our ability to respond immediately and with confidence to a crisis situation…ensures you’ll be able to resume business-as-usual quickly and with minimum disruption.