At Cedar Tree PR, we’re proud of our accomplishments with our clients and our relationship with the media. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what they have to say about us:

Mike Unwin, The Telegraph

Doing business with Cedar Tree PR has been both a great pleasure and highly productive for me, already generating five major travel features for the Daily Telegraph. Frangelica’s understanding of my interests and the markets for which I write has enabled her to match me with the perfect clients, notably Steppes Travel, while her broader grasp of the industry – not to mention her many connections – has proved invaluable in shaping my stories. When it has come to planning and fine-tuning my trips, she and Emily have left no stone unturned. I very much look forward to bringing our next project together to fruition.

Brian Jackman, The Telegraph

In the arcane world of public relations, Frangelica Flook and Cedar Tree stand out as beacons of reliability who have  always pulled out all the stops, whether putting together a safari itinerary or providing the information for a travel feature  – even at the shortest notice.

Fran Kellet, Tatler

Frangelica and her team are incredibly knowledgeable about both their clients and the publications they are pitching to – which means they only come to writers and editors with exactly the right stories. Added bonus: they are super-fast at responding to queries and unearthing interesting facts, as well as being brilliantly well connected in the industry.

Nigel Tisdall, freelance writer, The Telegraph

Original and inspiring stories are the lifeblood of travel writing, and that’s something Frangelica and the Cedar Tree team have tattooed on their hearts. Not only do they love to cook up exhilarating front page features, they also do their utmost to get the writer out there in the mud and swamps, desperately collecting adjectives and fashioning a top class read.

Jeremy Lazell, The Sunday Times

Cedar Tree blend great warmth and friendliness with super efficiency – a hard trick to pull off, and just what you’re looking for as a journalist.

Richard Mellor, The Times

For my money, Cedar Tree excel at two things: interesting (or they make them seem!) clients and efficient responses. Boutique agencies always excel by really knowing their handful of clients very well, and Frangelica and Emily are no different.

Lisa Grainger: The Times Luxx

Cedar Tree is always extremely professional… catering to my specific requirements… and letting me know about news which might be suitable for my publications (rather than bombarding me with every bit of information all the time). They also understand deadlines – which helps!

Ian Belcher: The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Times

Cedar Tree consistently offer strong stories that editors want. I trust their judgement as consummate travel professionals.

Lydia Bell: Freelance Journalist

Frangelica is an experienced, connected, effective, hard-working, editorially-savvy PR who will go out of her way to remove every obstacle for a journalist. There are few others like Cedar Tree in the business, they understand the market from a journalist’s perspective, their speed and efficiency and their impressive attention to detail is why I trust them completely.

Fiona Duncan: The Sunday Telegraph

A delight to do business with: a perfect combination of friendly, persuasive but not pushy, and very efficient. I am always interested in any of their stories, because I know they will have been well considered and a good fit for my needs.

Susan D’Arcy: The Sunday Times, Sunday Times Travel Magazine

Everyone at Cedar Tree always stays focused and works really hard; in fact, they never appear to be off duty. They are excellent at coming up with ideas and angles for stories that will work for me, and they never waste my time by calling about things that won’t work on my pages.

Sybil Kapoor: House & Garden

Aside from being a pleasure to work with, the team really listens, understands and delivers on what a journalist needs. They created a trip that gave me more than enough copy and that in turn exposed her client to a much wider market.