Aurora Expeditions announces NASA scientists as hosts for ‘Solar Eclipse in Antarctica’ voyage, 2021

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a Solar Eclipse in Antarctica

Aurora Expeditions has today announced that NASA astronomer, Dr Michelle Thaller and NASA Engineer, Dr Andrew Booth, will be joining their total ‘Solar Eclipse in Antarctica 2021’ voyage as special guests. Passengers travelling onboard are invited to experience an extraordinary event from an equally extraordinary destination and marvel as the famed ‘white continent’ is, for a brief moment, cast in shadow.

Assistant Director for Science Communication at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, Dr Michelle Thaller will share knowledge she has acquired over 20 years of research with guests in the form of onboard lectures. Dr Thaller will also conduct a series of talks alongside Dr Andrew Booth, a lead engingeer on NASA’s WSFIRST mission to unravel the secrets of dark energy and matter, on the solar eclipse, Antarctica and wider astronomical questions.

“The extreme environment of Antarctica is used by NASA to simulate places as far away as Mars and the moons of Jupiter, and we promise to take the passengers along for a scientific journey they’ll never forget,” said Dr Michelle Thaller.

NASA Engineer, Dr Andrew Booth, continues: “At this moment in history, world-class science is converging in Antarctica. From the changing ice of our planet, to extreme environments that simulate extra-terrestrial worlds, to observatories buried under the ice to detect the deaths of stars millions of years ago, to long dark nights that allow astronomers to peer to the edge of the known universe; Antarctica is where it’s all happening now.”

Aurora Expeditions invites guests to join them onboard their brand new ship, Greg Mortimer, for what promises to be a fascinating educational journey as they voyage into the frozen south to witness a rare cosmic phenomenon.

Solar Eclipse in Antarctic 2021

Witnessing a Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica is the ultimate ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. The eclipse – which only takes place every 1-2 years – is rarely visible from Antarctica but in the early hours of 4thDecember 2021, Aurora Expeditions’ greatly anticipated and soon-to-be-launched new ship, Greg Mortimer, will be perfectly positioned in the Weddell Sea to observe it. On this unique voyage, guests are invited to experience the incredible white continent in late spring when the wildlife is abundant and the photographic opportunities even more so. Watch as thieving Adélie penguins steal one another’s stones during nest-building and orca whales hunt in packs.Other highlights of the trip include a visit to South Georgia, a wildlife hotspot unlike any other, Elephant Island and the Falkland Islands.

Aurora Expeditions ( / 0808 189 2005) offers a 22 day, ‘Solar Eclipse in Antarctica’ itinerary, 24th November – 15th December 2021, from £20,840 per person based on two people sharing.

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