Steppes Travel on Empowering Women

As Steppes Travel approach their 30th Anniversary, Steppes have very much taken a more deep thinking route and are expanding and enhancing their core ethos of Travelling beyond the Ordinary to also include some strong and relevant conservation, education and preservation messages.

They have plans to set up a Foundation to not only support some key conservation projects including their Anti-plastics campign, (Steppes have been leaders in the travel industry on the subject of plastic pollution and dedicated their 2017 Steppes Travel Festival to the subject) but also in 2019 Justin Wateridge the MD of Steppes Travel is also directing the companies attention to the subject of Empowering Women in Travel.


We have a wonderful safari itinerary in Tanzania includes staying at Dunia, the all female camp in the Serengeti, The Highlands to spend time with the village ladies who are empowered to support themselves by making beaded goods, and spending time with the likes of The Ruaha Carnivore Project led by Dr Amy Dickman and Dr Laly Lichtenfeld, co-founder of African People & Wildlife.


Alternatively, we are working closely with some empowering female projects in India to show guests travelling with Steppes Travel that even a small amount of help can make a massive difference to the lives of those they meet on tyier travels. For example in Delhi, Steppes are looking at ways in which they can work more closely with an all-female driver taxi service, or the café in Agra dedicated to supporting females scarred and outcast from family acid attacks, because of the perceived shame they have brought to their families.

Football the Way Forward

Steppes have also worked closely this year with The OSCAR Foundation in Delhi which is dedicated to empowering children through the game of football and via education to take responsibility for their own lives and those of the community around then, it make it better and take a step forward.

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