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Our wonderful clients, Steppes Travel have seen a rising trend in new tented camps opening up in otherwise quite inaccessible destinations. These have been popping up all around the globe in untouched, remote areas of outstanding natural beauty. A couple of examples of these are the National Parks of Bolivia, Gujerat and Ennedi.

Camping in Bolivia

New for 2019 is an incredible mobile camping experience  taking in remote regions of Bolivia. Opening up the most adventurous and unique places across the country and staying in virtually untouched and unexplored regions and national parks such as Uyuni, Tarija, Madidi, Noel Kempff, and Kaa Iya, these 6 large 20 square metre tents (some with doubles some with twins) offer access to incredible untouched locations offering privacy and an insight only available to a limited number of guest.

India: Gujurat Tented Camp

Exactly the same type of experience is opening up in Gujarat, India’s westernmost state. Gujarat is a highly diverse state with an incredible mix of nature, wilderness and heritage however it also suffers from a lack of any suitable accommodation, until now!

Guests can glamp on the edge of the salt-flats in Gujarat with Kaafila Mobile Tented Camp ( They offer one of the most unique mobile camping experiences that Steppes Travel have worked with, fully bespoke, and completely mobile. The word ‘kaafila’ itself means ‘caravan train’ in Urdu, and the entire camp will be transported to Gujarat in 2019 to the magical land around Rann of Kutch. Staying away from any trails these camps will showcase the varied terrain and numerous sacred sites from the coastal waters of the western coast to the white deserts and lands inhabited by Asiatic lion to marshy marine life submerged below the Arabian Sea.

Ennedi Tented Camp

Venture into the Sahara Desert of Chad as you discover the Ennedi Massif, an unparalleled Saharan spur, and a landscape occupied by natural sandstone masterpieces spanning over 40,000 square kilometres. The Société de Voyages Sahariens (SVS) have set up two types of camps, a fixed camp and a fly-camp, where guests can enjoy the freedom of the Saharan journey. Guided by a SVS guide, guests will experience an authentic trek through the desert by camel, inspect age-old rock paintings, witness the second largest stone arch in the world and overnight in mobile camps in remote desert terrain.

The SVS semi-permanent camp, consists of 8 residential units each equipped with a private shower and field toilet along with a “communal” area designed as a place for sharing and relaxation, a meeting point and the beating heart of camp life.

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