Top 10 Travel Must Dos for 2018 with Steppes Travel

Building on their unique insight into innovative and intelligent travel, Steppes Travel has compiled a line-up of unmissable travel experiences for 2018. The time to go is now, before they hit the mainstream radar of the travelling world!

  1. Zambia

Under the auspices of African Parks, complex ecosystems, outstanding wildlife and hard-hitting conservation projects, this has transformed Zambia into a hub for a new generation of luxury lodges and thriving community initiatives.

Afro-chic King Lewanika Lodge in the remote and historic Liuwa Plain offers an unforgettable family retreat, with thriving Lion prides and an ever growing cheetah Population. To contrast, soon-to-reopen Shoebill Island Camp in the grassy floodplains of the Bangweulu Wetlands offers incredible biodiversity and the rare chance to view shoebill storks nesting, as well as herds 100,000 strong of lechwe.

  1. Madagascar

A privately-owned air charter service has recently opened up the remote peninsula of Masoala, bringing a kaleidoscope of action-packed ways to explore the area’s hidden treasures within easy reach, perfect for guests staying at the luxurious Masoala Forest Lodge. The National Park is home to virgin mountain rainforest, plunging valleys, powder-white beaches and some of the planet’s quirkiest critters.

  1. Republic of Congo

Congo’s wildlife crown of Odzala-Kokoua National Park has opened up this unspoilt swathe of Central African forest, home to western lowland gorillas, forest elephants and a spectacular array of bird and wildlife. Three luxurious stilted lodges include Ngaga, where guests will encounter primates in the company of Magdalena Bermejo, one of the world’s leading primatologists. Mboko Camp lies on the banks of the Lekoli River, a lowland area much frequented by forest buffalo, forest elephant and spotted hyena. To contrast, Lango Camp is elevated in the forest, offering one of the most arresting views of any camp in Africa.

  1. Bolivia

Bolivia is a land of brilliant colours and contrasts, with vibrant traditional cultures and an extraordinary contrast between high Andean and Amazonian landscapes.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia’s secret is also getting out, with domestic flights rendering exploring the 18,000-island paradise ever easier. The newly discovered island of Bawah has just opened a super-luxe 24 beachfront suite property, the perfect launch pad for diving legendary Raja Ampat.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s eco-credentials continue to change the game. In 2017 it operated almost entirely on renewable energy, is banning single-use plastics by 2021 and aiming to be carbon neutral in the same year. Its environmental commitment has meant its volcanic and rainforest-covered national parks are a haven for wildlife and action-animated families alike 

  1. Canada

Canada is seeing a surge in popularity, with the wildlife and wilderness being the major draw. Kayaking with orcas or bubble-netting humpbacks dovetail with some of the world’s best bear viewing at the brand new Grizzly Bay Glamping Lodge, a floating lodge with safari-style tents right in the heart of bear country.

  1. Romania

In Romania, forward-thinking conservationists have enabled more than half Europe’s bear population to call the Carpathian Mountains home. A country boasting great swathes of spectacular unexplored wilderness, it offers a fascinating cultural melting pot; from historic hilltop citadels and baroque palaces, to extraordinary wooden churches and intriguing folklore.

  1. Georgia

New direct flights from the UK to Georgia will no doubt open the floodgates to one of Europe’s most picturesque countries. Drawn by highlights such as the Trans-Caucasian Trail to visit Ushguli, the world’s highest inhabited village, helicopter trips through sensational scenery and visits to vineyards, ancient villages and fascinating churches combine with the renaissance and neoclassical buildings of buzzing capital Tbilisi. 

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand’s spectacular scenery and wildlife need no introduction and one way to enjoy the view is from the stunning Blenheim to Kaikoura Pacific Coastal train which is due to reopen in mid-2018. Stay in the suspended stilted houses 10m up in the Manuka forest or take in the deep submarine trenches of Kaikoura, an ideal environment for whales, dolphins and seals. Natural wonders abound in the South Island, which is a perennial must-see.

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