Steppes Travel’s Expert-led Ocean Expeditions Reinforces Messages Shared in New BBC program Blue Planet Live

In 2017, Blue Planet II jolted more than 62% of the UK population into awareness of the complexity and plight of the oceans. The ground-breaking footage revealed the precarious state of life below the waves and provoked a surge in interest in wildlife and ocean conservation.

This March, the new BBC epic, Blue Planet Live, dives deep beneath the Earth’s oceans to reveal dazzling vistas and amazing creatures, sharing startling new insights into the wonders of and challenges facing our oceans. Filmed in several locations, Blue Planet Live is presented by marine conservation heavyweights Liz Bonnin, Chris Packham and Steve Backshall, all long-standing expedition leaders for Steppes Travel.

Following her recent investigation into the catastrophic impact of plastics in the oceans, as shown in her BBC documentary Drowning in Plastic, Liz Bonnin will explore how new life is faring in the fragile environment of the Great Barrier Reef. Chris Packham will explore the ocean’s ‘Twilight Zone’ for the first time live on television, from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, whilst off a tiny island in the Bahamas, Steve Backshall will undertake a series of missions to broadcast shark gatherings, bringing us closer to the oceans’ top predators.

Blue Planet II educated, enthralled and shocked nearly 40 million viewers with its incredible footage and hard-hitting evidence of human damage to the oceans. This March, Blue Planet Live will propel the momentum even further, appealing to all ages and strata of society to help turn the tide and save our blue planet for future generations.

Don’t miss this, we all need to be aware of the damage our planet is enduring at the hands of ‘progress’.

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