Forget farm-to-table, this is table-to-farm. Big Sky Country becomes the Centre of the Culinary Universe.

‘Cook locally, cook sustainably’ that’s our philosophy.

Big Sky Country is abundant withcherries, wild chamomile, elk, bison and trout and our Executive Chef, Sunny Jin, is passionate about utilizing these culinary riches. Just like the scenery, our cuisine changes with the seasons and guests delight at the innovative ways in which our chefs make use of Montana’s bountiful offerings.

The term ‘farm-to-table’ has been bandied around somewhat over-zealously of late as restaurants bewilder their customers with fanciful pedigrees for every morsel. Indeed, one might roll their eyes at the suggestion that ingredients arrive on their plate fresh from the pasture at the oh-so-trendy inner-city restaurants.

And yet, in a place far far away from the hubbub of the big city and its revolving door of food-centric fads, lies 37,000 acres of Montana wilderness where one can enjoy exquisite culinary fare whilst gazing out upon a landscape of looming mountains, vast green pastures and meandering rivers from which it was sourced.

A couple of hundred black angus cows still roam the rolling meadows of the Resort at Paws Up, making their way from pasture to plate in the form of chili dusted, black angus steaks. Huckleberries freshly picked from slopes of the surrounding mountains glisten atop a mound of French toast and hand-made sausage at breakfast time and Rocky Mountain trout fresh from our very own Blackfoot River, sautéed with herbs and paired with a crisp Napa Valley Chardonnay serves as a fine lunch-time feast.

Forget farm-to-table, this is table-to-farm, done the Montana way!


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