Aurora Expeditions Launch New Global Voyages to Remote and Wild Destinations

Aurora Expeditions,is a world leader in polar cruising and is now launching its 2020/21 program aboard their NEW ship, Greg Mortimer, one of the most advanced expedition ships in the world.The new program includes a diverse mix of exciting itineraries and destinations, including Antarctica and the Arctic, Iceland, West Greenland and Costa Rica, and showcases why Aurora was recently awarded Editor Pick for ‘Best Itineraries’ by Cruise Critic.

Aurora Expedition’s Managing Director, Robert Halfpenny, said “Customers have responded overwhelmingly to Aurora’s expert-led and adventure-packed itineraries this past year, and we anticipate that they will be equally enthusiastic with the new program being released today”.

Highlights of the 20/21 program include:

NEW Solar Eclipse in Antarctica: 24 November – 15 December 2021

According to NASA, the best spot to witness the total solar eclipse on 4th December 2021 is well into the Weddell Sea, exactly where the Greg Mortimer plans to be! This once-in-a-lifetime voyage will visit the incredible white continent and the beautiful island of South Georgia.

NEW Costa Rica & the Panama Canal: 25 April – 6 May 2020

This voyage is an all-star event; with special guests including Aurora Expeditions co-founder and well-known explorer, Greg Mortimer, along with renowned wildlife photographer, Richard I’Anson. The voyage will explore some of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world and conclude with a guaranteed daylight crossing of the famous Panama Canal.

NEW West Greenland Explorer: 18 – 28 May 2020

Boasting the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, West Greenland offers an adventure-filled voyage to experience gleaming ice-filled fjords and unbeatable photographic opportunities.

NEW Iceland Circumnavigation: 2 June – 12 June 2020

Explore the flora and fauna of this unique environment. Spot breaching whales in Husavik, before exploring some of the most remote fjords and bays in Westfjords and the glacial lagoons, black sand beaches, and Europe’s largest glacier in Vatnajökull National Park.

NEW Franz Josef Land Explorer: 12-26 July 2020 & 19 July – 3 August 2021

Expeditioners will experience a rare chance to explore the frozen landscape of Franz Josef Land on this voyage, crossing the Barents Sea to a world few have seen. Passengers will enter the Russian Arctic National Park for an immersive wildlife viewing spectacle that includes polar bears, whales, walrus, and seals.

NEW Antarctica Complete: 22 January – 13 February 2021

The ultimate Antarctic experience, this epic journey will take passengers south of the Antarctic Circle, where few travellers have ever been. There will be countless excursions onto the frozen continent for sights of unforgettable vistas as well as the opportunity to explore the incredible island of South Georgia, known for its amazing sightings of penguin colonies and curious seals.


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