Addition of Salmon Lake and Island Lodge to The Resort at Paws Up

June 2018 heralds the addition of Salmon Lake and Island Lodge to The Resort at Paws Up’s ever-growing array of brilliant wilderness activities for all ages. Part of the largest and oldest ecosystem on the American continent, the lake lies at the southern tip of the Seeley Swan Valley; its dazzling teal waters surrounded by forested mountains and scenic splendour on a grand scale.

A pine-studded island mid-lake is home to ‘Island Lodge’, a newly-refurbished retreat that is the ideal launch pad for endless multi-generational summer fun. Just 15 minutes’ drive across the ranch from the heart of Paws Up, this secluded and tranquil tract of Montana presents boundless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Five miles long, it’s an exceptional aquatic playground offering sailing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, paddle-boarding, kayaking, sunset pontoon boat trips and even a floating trampoline for the young at heart.

Despite being fed by glacial waters stemming from Glacier National Park (hence the intense turquoise colour), Salmon Lake’s shallow waters warm to a perfect temperature for summer swimming whilst trout, bass, whitefish, perch, pike and salmon present an irresistible challenge for fishermen and twitchers can revel in the bald eagles, ospreys, great blue herons and red-necked grebes that frequent the clear blue skies.

Staffed by expert activity guides, a talented chef and island butler, the lodge offers gastro cuisine prepared in situ accompanied by world-class wines, beers and Paws Up’s famed signature cocktails. Outback comfort is full on here, with in or outdoor dining overlooking spectacular views and a sumptuous living area for down time.

Full day or three-hour morning, afternoon and evening trips are rounded off with lunch or sundowners, live music and bonfires whilst families or groups of friends can take the island and the entire lake exclusively for a back country experience never to be forgotten.

In the near future, Island Lodge will also be available for overnight stays. It’s guaranteed to be one of America’s hottest tickets, so as the pundits say, ‘Watch this space and book early to avoid disappointment’!

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